Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lost Hat and lambs

DIL went to go home.  Five year old had a melt down.  He had to find his hat!!!  So she told him to find it.  He "couldn't".  Yes, he looked about that long.  She sent him back out to find it. The 15 yo told her where it was, double checked to see if she was right even.   It was here.

Some of his "looking".  He did come in once and tell me the dogs got it.  All said in major meltdown whine.  I told him he needed to gather the pieces then, I didn't want them in my yard.   With total seriousness he told me, "The dogs ate ALL of it."   I was sweet, I felt around on the dogs and told him I didn't feel a hat in them.  Keep looking. 
 He looked HARD!  Notice the red grill in this picture, it is the same red grill that is in the top picture beside the hat. 
 I left him looking and took my camera with me to check sheep.   I love lambs!  We have about 50 now.  It is hard to count as they are running and playing and moving around way to much. 

This set is the first set.  They have grown a lot.

Brown and white lambs are new this year.   We do have a new buck.   They are pretty.
I like the black and white ones too.  Where they are black they are so black!   Since they are hair sheep their color doesn't fade like with wool sheep.  A black wool sheep baby will become a faded reddish brown.  These stay black.  

 Supper time?  Not really!  This lamb is last years lamb.  Yes she had a large mama.  But not this mama.   Hers was a Jersey, but hey what ever you can grab a snack from!  

I met grandson heading home hat-less as I came back from checking sheep and taking pictures.  I shared my pictures of him "looking".  She told him it was on the porch and sent him back.  I did offer to let him have a blanket if he couldn't find it and had to sleep on the porch.   He didn't seem impressed.   Amazingly he found it!  

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