Monday, November 5, 2012


I know pictures would be better but I don't have any to share.  Just haven't slowed down to do it.  

Grandson made his arrival on Friday.  He looks a lot like his brother. 

Lamb count is up to 42.  I still have a lot of ewes left to lamb.  We counted over 15 yesterday as we were driving through them.   Yesterday we picked up the second bottle baby lamb.  He is a few days old.  I think had a mommy that loved him right up to the dinner table then would butt him off.   We watched him all day off and on and then MN picked him up just before dark.   She warmed a bottle and after a struggle to get the nipple in his mouth when the milk hit he attacked it.  Tiny lamb is still doing well.  She is over a week old now.  She is still not as big as a grown cat.   MN leaves her outside all day then takes her into her bed/tub for the night.   It stays beside MN's bed.  Last night is the first time she hasn't gotten up and warmed milk about 3 AM.

Deer season started Sat. morning.  My nephew came out and up in the middle of the day went for a walk.  He was open to shooting a deer but really just enjoying the walk.  He got a small doe.   Then Sunday morning son went out and got a large buck.  It sure wasn't a trophy buck.  One antler was missing.  The other side was a nice size. 

Kids ask to try liver and heart.  So we saved them from both deer and last night they tried them.  I fried them with onions.  Part of them liked the heart, one thought the liver was OK, most would rather fast than have it again.   I was proud of them for wanting to try it and for trying it. 

No news on the adoption front.  I know our guest case worker was out of state last week.  She should be back in today. 

Thanksgiving plans are going great.  Kids are SOOO excited.   They have a list of what we lack for making all the food.  Each day is filled with, "I can't wait for Thanksgiving".   I laugh and assure them that they can.   They have even tried to rush things and ask to fix things ahead.  Maybe they also want to eat the things ahead. 

Youngest grand daughter will be a year old this week.  Time flies.  She is walking some, just not a lot yet.  She is working on being a redhead.  Her hair has a very red cast. 

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