Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life is an Adventure...

  Life is never dull here.   Yesterday and today were no exceptions.  

Yesterday I check my ewes to start the day.  I had a set of twins. Then walked a bit more and found 1 lamb with two mamas.  The lamb was laying on it's side.  I wasn't sure it was alive.  It was, but for what ever reason it couldn't stand up.  I'm not sure if it was down to long or what, it would fall over on the side it was down on.  While I tried to figure out who mama was, since both ewes wanted the baby and also to eat my dog it was fun.  Finally I decided that the white ewe was mama and the black ewe was in hard labor.   I called for back up and MN took the lamb and the mama to the house.  

We stood lamb up and got it to nurse.  If you think of a lamb with enter ear issues you have this lamb.  It could nurse but not stand.   Then I discovered the other ewe was having issues. Of course she wasn't easy to catch now.  After much work we got her to the barn and a small pen.  While MN held her I checked, sure enough we had an ear where we should have a nose or feet would have been best.   Much work later we pulled a lamb, but it didn't make it.   Mama still wanted white ewes lamb.  Throughout the day we worked with floppsy mopsy lamb.  She improved throughout the day.  By night she would stand and walk if you stood her up, but if she fell she was down for the count.  Today she is doing much better. 

Then evening came and I again walked through my sheep.  This time I found an other ewe with feet hanging out.  Again I sent for reinforcements.  This time we caught and had a much better result.  We pulled a BIG live lamb.   In a short time mama took her new baby and off they went.  

Today was dentist day!  MN and MJ are both getting braces.  Today they had to have teeth pulled to make room.  MN had to have 4 teeth pulled, and MJ only 2.  With much excitement on kids part, mainly MN's off we went to the dentist.   They pulled all 4 of hers, I was surprised!   She came out looking shell shocked.  She didn't think it would be that hard.  :)   She soon found her sense of humor though.  It wasn't long until she informed me she now knows what her donkey felt like when it got rattlesnake bit!   She sounded just like Hank the Cowdog on the CD about the Double Bumblebee Sting.   :)   I couldn't help laughing, she would have, but her face was numb and she couldn't even smile.  I did get it on my phone so we have it recorded her talking about the rattlesnake that was needles :)  MJ didn't have but 2 out and he wasn't a chatter box all the way home.  They are both doing good.  

Just before I left to do the dentist our Guest case worker called and said that the foster mom messed our Thanksgiving plans up with her.  She invited guest older brother to Thanksgiving, it isn't fair to make guest choose.  Please pray for the foster mom's heart to soften toward her being adopted, where she will work to make this work for her not mess it up and create doubt and confusion.   So sad to say we won't have that special guest (unless God does something about it) for Thanksgiving, but will have her the next weekend.  I am sad but trusting  that this is all part of God's plan.  

Kids get braces on Thursday.  They are excited.  I am glad for them, especially MN as this is something she has wanted for years, but she had to get to a emotionally mature enough spot for it to work.  We have talked about why I made her wait.  She started understanding as her mouth hurt so with just the spacers.  Today she looked so shell shocked when she came out.  I am so thankful we waited.   MJ seems to be handling it well.  I'm not sure if he has less pain or if he deals with pain better.  I would have said before we started this that MN had a high pain tolerance.   I know they will get through this.  Even this evening MN is very excited about Thur. and the braces.  


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