Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Afternoon Fun

What boys should be doing.............

DD was first shocked, then thrilled when I told him he could play in the pond. Since T and DL were both sitting (bad choices), MN didn't want to and MJ was finishing up school he played with the dogs. It was a totally new experience to be allowed to splash and stomp in the mud.

I said I would get grand baby out in the dirt. :) He is still not feeling great so would play then sit in a lap then play.

Glamor Queen here! MN "posing" for DIL. Who was NOT taking her picture, which is why she was doing it. She didn't notice until to late mom was!!!


"Tell me you didn't???"
Guess she figured out I did :)
Gotta love girls!
Anyone want to leave a commit on how beautiful beauty queen she is?
"Granola take MY picture!
Not a problem child!

A REAL smile from DD!!!!

MJ power!!!!

Oldest Grand daughter. Isn't she pretty, and growing up way to fast!

Least and last!


Felicia said...

MN is beautiful both inside and out, tell her to keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Why not cherry cheese cake and the enchiladas???? Just sounds pretty good to me. But then I guess I don't count do I.