Friday, March 26, 2010

Mmmm Peaches and Cottage Cheese

This was a rare treat growing up. My mom usually had canned peaches, (home canned), but cottage cheese was not bought often. We were poor and cottage cheese was an expensive treat. Yesterday I made 4 gallons of milk worth of cottage cheese. All this milk yielded about 2 quarts of dry cottage cheese. To make it like what you buy in the store you need to add cream, which I did.

I was so impressed I am making 4 more gallons worth today. Can you tell I have WAY to much milk? Since my number 1 user now is milking their own cow. I don't think they are getting enough milk, but it cuts into how much I have leaving my frig. I really don't want to make hard cheese. Way to much trouble. Cottage cheese is enough trouble. It isn't that it is hard. Just do something, wait an hour, do something that takes 5 minutes, wait an hour, do 5 more minutes of stuff then wait 10 do more...... you get the idea. It takes about 3 hours of this do and wait to have it done.

Today I hope to get some more of my flower bed weeded, or I should say de-grassed. It is full of grass. I got about 1/2 of it done the other day. Then we had a nice rain. That should make it easier to pull the weeds/grass still left.

Tomorrow is the last day of inventory. YEA!!! I get my DH back! He will work late tonight, and then all day tomorrow but our life should return to dryer sitting (normal) on Sunday. Then we have a trip to Lubbock for the 6th. Our church group is planning on going camping the first part of May. Kids are excited. We are going back to Camp Eagle. They have fun stuff like a HUGE zip line, repelling, swimming in ICE cold spring fed water volley ball courts, horseshoe ..... LOTS of fun stuff. The staff is amazingly wonderful! They are joyful and helpful and Christian. I really was impressed when we went last year. You can look them up on the web.

Ok off to accomplish something here. All be blessed!

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