Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ahhhhhhh Coffee!!!

This morning is the first day in FOUR days I have had more than ONE swallow of coffee. I started with feeling yuck on Sat. Just didn't feel well. Thought my busy week had caught up with. Sorta blamed the tummy on fried chicken for a quick meal on Friday. It sure wasn't taking care of my temple well. As the day wore on so did I. Sunday was worse! I spent time in the potty and slept. Monday I was thankful I didn't have grand son to keep, but not for the reason, he had the same stuff. I again spent lots of time in the potty and managed to stay awake most of the day. Today I am GREAT! I am praising God!

Race went well. MJ ran well so I was told. I was thrilled I didn't go since I felt yuck. You can find out more about on my DIL's blog, Jones' Journey, the link is on here.

Not a lot going on other than getting back into the swing of feeling good. I am excited! I did hear that the time changes Sat. night!!!!! I know many don't like it, but I LOVE it!!!!! I am not looking fwd to getting up that hour early, but will soon adjust. I love having the long evenings!

Until the end of March I am an inventory widow. My dh is getting ready, which means long days, and working Sat. You would think after 30 years of him doing this I would be use to it. I don't fuss near as much as I use to. In part because I have learned that grumbling and complaining is a sin. It is still a hard season. I so admire and respect those that are in the military and have husbands gone for extended periods.

We have been blessed with beautiful weather after our rain. It is greening up so fast. I love it. The down side of green and spring feelings is I want to look at the chick catalogs. MN keeps begging for geese. This is sorta funny since she once got in serious trouble for teasing the geese. During her deepest period of issues she was teasing them through the fence. She knew better. So I did what any respectable mom would do. I made her go OUTSIDE the yard where they were! No they didn't hurt her, but she sure thought they were going to! She still remembers it and laughs about it. I may look to see what kind of deals are out there on ducks and geese. I really REALLY don't neat them but she assures me she will tend to them. If it was anyone else I doubt it but she does anything and everything to stay at the barn. We disagree on what kind of ducks though. I like the Indian runners, she doesn't.

I made cream cheese today. I should say I finished making it. I used the whey from that to put beans on to cook. I also started 2 more gallons of yogurt from the whey. I have found we use cream cheese more than yogurt so will dump at least 1 gallon into my strainer when it is made to drip out. Kids are talking cherry cheese cake. I am thinking green chili enchiladas for supper!

Last week I made some healing salve. I impressed myself! Each year at retreat they give us a tiny tin of it. I ask for the directions. I then ordered the herbs to make it. It looks like theirs, and also like some I have ordered before that is pricey. It works wonders on diaper rash! I was surprised at how easy it is to make.

I have my little one doing a coloring page a day as part of school. I am hoping it will help fine motor skills. He seems to be able to outline it well. I was surprised he decided to do his coloring page first today. I just started this yesterday. I am sitting here reminding him to be neat and stay in the lines. He is doing pretty good. His choice of colors is well ......... interesting, but that is fine! I don't want to stifle his creativity but nuture it.

They are both still excited about name changes. They are starting to correct people when they call them their old name. It is funny at times.

Grand baby took an early nap. He usually doesn't go down until between 10-11, but he was down before 10! I changed him gave him a sippy put him down he stood up crying went back gave him a kiss and laid him down again. He puckered up for about 10 seconds as I was walking away. I didn't hear another sound. Went back in just a minute to peek and he was sprawled flat of his back sound asleep! I don't know why he was tired. DIL said he got up at 5:30 this morning. I hope he takes a good restful nap so he is in a good mood. He has new shoes so we can go outside and he can play in the DIRT!!!

OK I have rambled as much as I can think of. Everyone have a blessed day!!!!

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