Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Mixer and other ramblings.....

Fed-EX pulled through! They delivered! YEA!!!! Third time since we have been out here! (We have only been here 14 years.) We couldn't wait to take it all out of the box and start making. First we ground wheat. I do like my grain mill, but it will take some getting use to. As that ground we read how to use the mixer and washed all the parts.

As soon as wheat was ground we were ready. French bread from the recipe book. I was amazed at dumping 11 cups of flour, milk, yeast and oil in the mixer and turning it on worked! It mixed it amazingly. We came out with three HUGE loaves, They rose beautifully. Once they were finished cooking, or I thought they were we sampled. It was great! Down side was they fell as they cooled the rising sunk, instead of a mountain, we had an ocean way way below sea level. I haven't tried any of the other two loaves that sunk before we sampled. I really don't know if they weren't quite done or what.

Next thing I tried was biscuits for breakfast this morning. I had enough wheat ground already for that. I dumped my shortening and my flour in and mixed. It didn't mix as well as my kitchen aid. I think I need to use a different mixing attachment. It did mix the biscuit dough great though. They were a huge hit. I added a bit to much salt but I think I am the only one that noticed it.

I may do tortillas for supper. Haven't decided. I have roast and pinto beans cooking. Tortillas would be good with it. I wonder if any children would like to roll them out for me and cook?

Today I have a child tomato staked to me. He isn't doing school. I really feel we need to address respect, obedient and anger issues more than "school". It is hard to learn when you are so filled with anger and disobedience. He is practicing saying, "Yes ma'm" instead of "WHY!" or other such things when ask to do something.

D10 had a tough time today with his Language Arts. He had to re-do it several times. He got upset, but never "lost it". He was then very proud and everyone cheered when he passed it. He beamed! He is now happily doing his chores and playing with grand son. He is learning to play with toddlers and babies. He is so excited when he gets a smile or laugh out of them. :) It is neat to watch him learn how to interact with babies. He still doesn't tote to well. He will get it. For now we watch close and correct his carry ability. He is getting better.

Other news I made some more healing salve. I made a larger recipe. I didn't have enough Tea Tree oil, but it is just "different" because of that. I really think I like the healing of it better than the first. I have two small about 1/2 cup jars of it.

I finally managed to get my "junk" sold today. Dh took them for me. He backed the trailer in last night. MN and I penned them before dark. I loaded them at about 5:15 this morning. I was a little, ( OK a LOT) hacked at children who didn't bother to get up and come help. I am praying they brought a good price. It was junk. My good stuff is still on feed. I wish I had put them on feed a couple of weeks before but, such is life. I will feed another week or two then try to get them loaded. I may try to sell to my son and just have him come get them.

Tomorrow we have a chance of thunder storms. I love them as long as they are below severe levels. I pray we get a nice one. We should be blessed here in W. Central TX with lots of wild flowers this spring. It has been several years since we had a bright spring. I hope to have the new car to go look at wild flowers in. I haven't heard if the seats are in or not. If they are in then they need to be installed, the bus detailed and driven here. I did point out I could detail it. One trip down our county road after a rain and it will be totally detailed! I can't always get mud on the roof but some times :)

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Glad you got your mixer, sounds like fun!!!