Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is never dull!

DIL is sick today. So as I went and picked up grand son from hwy I stopped by her house and gather her and her kids up. She is hiding out in my bed while kids are all playing in the living room. If anyone is counting that is 8 kids 13-4 months.

I will leave 2 older kids in while the other three go and "help" me. I think that will work well. I may do a quick milk and miss milking a few.

I am glad I don't have town planned today.

I did break out the other cage (play pen) so that grand daughter would have a "safe" floor place. She is just about to sit alone. She is starting to like down time in short spurts.

Pray DIL gets better fast, she really felt yuck. We will manage fine.


teresaH said...

Your life sounds so complete. I admire the way you adjust to changes so easily. I've been reading your blog for over a year. We have some things in common; namely, adoption through DSS and lots of kids. Wish we could meet. I'm flying to Dallas tonight. No chance you live close back?

Nola said...

Wish I was close, but I am about 5 hours from there toward El Paso.

teresaH said...

Maybe the next time we are in Dallas. We will be back. We were visiting our future SIL. My daughter will be living in Irving. It has been a fun trip but most go home to all the animals.