Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday again....

Where does time go? It seems the weeks are flying by. This week has been fast and slow at the same time. Days seem to be long but then poof they are gone and the week is about gone.

Today is town day. I will pick my grand kids up on the way to town. Then we will do Walmart and Lowes. I don't have a long list for a change. After that we will be spending time at the park. I think I have two kids that will be sitting. Both have school from yesterday not done. Neither is up working on it. Oh well so sad their choice.

We have been blessed with more rain this week. It is so muddy!!!!! I slipped and slid to get kids from hwy and deliver them back most of the week. Dh was saying last night it has dried out every where but right here at the house We have a mud pit for parking and driving. I won't complain until I get stuck in it. I really thought I was going to get stuck a couple of times this week going to the hwy. If you get out of the ruts it is a wild ride. For some reason I kept getting tossed out. By the grace of God I managed to keep moving and not get stuck.

I think we are finally getting the bus. It has been a long wait. We are in hopes of getting it next week. It isn't as big as the one we first thought we were getting. It will only be 14 passengers, about the size of a 16 passenger van. The difference is comfort and stability. It has a dually wheel base and captain type seats for everyone. 3 rows of 2 behind the driver and 2 rows of 1 behind the co-pilot. Then the very back will have 4 seats that can be made flat and will fold up against the wall to allow space for cargo when we don't need the seating. It will also have above seating luggage area. I have already labeled seat on behind the co-pilot seat as belonging to 8yo Dd. He is the one everyone gets frustrated with so this way I should be able to keep a better eye on him and also him not bug the others.

We had planned on going to the flea market this weekend, but temps for Sat. are only about 50-55. Think I will stay home and keep the fire built up. I want to start working on my flower beds and such, but when I have time the weather isn't good and when I don't have time or energy then the weather is beautiful. I know the cool wet won't last as long as we would like so I plan on enjoying it as long as it last.

Kids are all stirring. D10 is busy on his school. He is trying to tell me he "only" lacks a little. Problem is it is yesterday's school. He had the option of getting up early. MN was up at 5, not for school, but because she wouldn't get up to her alarm so now has to get up for a week at 5 as a consequence. It is nice with her getting up at 5. She is a much nicer child when she gets up early. Her school is done for the week and her attitude is better.

Our chickens are laying well so we have lots of eggs. I had MN boil eggs to take to the park for lunch. Not sure what else we will be taking. D10 is on a dairy free fast until Sunday. No milk or egg products. Why? Helping with chores isn't fun. OK, not a problem! If you can't help, you can't reap the benefits of the products that are produced. He is not a happy camper. First he had it for 3 days but he decided instead of doing it right he would cheat. He got busted and earned a whole week of no dairy/egg.

Time to start rocking and rolling around here. All be blessed!

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