Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rain, Thunder, Lightening..... Blessings!

We did get our thunderstorm. There was a little thunder and a little lighting, but it seemed to really dump on us. I had been watching the radar so if it looked bad DIL and kids could come. MN and I agreed that it looked like it was going to slide by us with at most a sprinkle. Guess that is why we don't get the big bucks from the weather service. It decided to RAIN. Even had a tiny bit of tiny hail.

This all happened just before it was time for grand son to go home. I called his mom and suggested I meet her at the hwy. I was surprised at how muddy and wet it was. Water was running down the sides of the road. I don't think we got near as much at the hwy as we did here at the house. My DIL said she got into none all the way here. Looking at radar I would have bet she would have gotten wet.

It should be a slippery ride to the hwy in the morning. My evening probably DIL can come to the house to pick him up. It is amazing how fast it can dry out.

I did figure out one reason our road in front of DIL's house is so swampy. DH, (or me) needs to put a bucket of calche where the water is going back into the road instead of down the ditch. That will help some. I just might get the bobcat stuck if I played today! I know I would tear the road up even worse.... if that is possible.

Bus update is that we should be getting it on Monday. It is ready and could be here on Friday, but DH is inventorying that day so not a good day. Monday will work. Most kids are busy getting school done for that day so they can go in to town.

Hope everyone has a blessed evening!

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