Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I should post.....

Not a lot going on today. Just busy with life.

Our weather has been warm/cold/warm. I sorted lambs and some sell stuff off on Sat. It was beautiful. Beautiful weather makes me want to sell and sort and otherwise work stock. MN is just as bad.... or worse! So we sorted our sheep and goats. We are having critter issues anyway. Something BIG is killing our sheep/goats on the back side. DS found some tracks. He took a photo using his 5 inch magazine as a measure. The track was just about as big as it. We did on line research and with an educated guess it wasn't in the dog family. Gee wonder what else it could be. For now my sheep and goats are on the front side where there is more traffic and also the big dogs hang with them better. If the big dogs weren't puppies I doubt I would have this problem.
Our plan was to sort and sell some junk stuff. We did the sorting then on Sunday night and Monday got rain. No way I could back a trailer to any pen to load them. So they are sorted off still and being fed. Lambs I planned to put on feed for a while anyway. They are in the 'baby' learning to eat creep feed. That is where the bottle babies and the sick/hurt from the critter attacks are. They seem to be doing pretty well at learning to eat.
I thought I would add the pictures of what is on my camera just because I can.
This was the moon as I went to get grand son this morning. I thought it was pretty.
My little "outlaw" or what ever you want to call him.
DD in the back ground almost has a smile on his face. For him that is pretty good.
Just to touching not to share. Again MJ playing with the littles.
Tomorrow we are off to a CPS visit. She again doesn't want to do our road. It is a good excuse to do a Walmart run to a small WM. I am excited they are also getting a Tractor Supply there. Yea! I can do even MORE of my shopping there.
Thursday we have therapy, Tractor Supply and Sams. Then we should be able to do the park for a while between shopping and our Therapy time. Not sure if friends will join us or not.
Friday is produce. Again not sure if I am doing it or DIL. I may since I think her mom and brothers will be here. They are coming for the 5 K race on Sat. I am not sure if any of mine are running or not. Seems only one has ever made the circle enough times to have run 5 K. Weather hasn't been to helpful on then running much. For some reason it isn't fun running in mud, snow, ice and wind. Race day has a chance of rain. I did suggest the practice running in the rain and mud. Just think how much stronger their legs would be running 3 miles a day with 10 lbs or more of mud on each foot!
Boys are doing well. We are all working on their new names. They are still excited about them. Monday was a first. DL didn't have a melt down during Monday school. He has done his school work daily with almost no fuss all week. Well two days anyway!
Time to finish up supper. All be blessed!

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