Monday, March 22, 2010


As a friend said, "Back to the grindstone." Not sure what all I have this week. It "looks" to be a quite week. Looks usually are deceiving around here.

Weather should be nice. I am hoping to work on my flower beds and go through my drip irrigation stuff and see what I need to order to get it set up in all my flower beds for this year. I am thinking of taking all of what I have down and starting over. I have added and plugged holes and changed things up so many times it is sorta a mess. I have been using the same hose for 3 years now I think. I have a much better understanding of what I am doing now than when I started this. I think I can design a better system where things get watered better with less hose.

Garden bug has bit a couple of my kids. They are working on cleaning garden beds in their spare time. It hasn't bitten me. I may do a couple of pepper plants and tomato plants. I may do some herbs in my flower bed. Beyond that. I'm really not interested. I just don't want to battle the weeds.

The cow broke my fountain a week or so ago so we are needing to replace it. It is our dog water. I like having a fountain as the running moving water keeps the mosquito larvae at bay. It looks cleaner and fresher. I also like the calming sound of running water. I think we are going to move it from where it is under a tree out into the corner of the yard. I don't know if dh is going to design a new fountain or we will go with a store bought one. Once this next weekend is done Dh will have time to think and come up with ideas. For now he is focused on inventory.

Last week my mixer died. It was a kitchen aid. After much research I decided to replace it with a Bosch. It "should" be here today. I say should since it is coming by fed ex which is much like carrier pigeons. No, I think the birds are more dependable! I doubt they will be willing to drive down my road. They seem to have an aversion to it even in good condition. It is very passable but ROUGH. We will see. I hope it comes soon as we are down to less than one loaf of bread.

We have had a week of not getting chores done. Mom has reached her limit. If they don't get school and chores done then they can get up the next day at 5. No nap! I am sure most if not all of them will test it at least once. Maybe if chores for the day are all done before school they will find a way to work it in on their schedule better.

D10 is thrilled he is off his dairy fast. He is really proud he manage it but says he will be helping at the barn much better. He even figured out without me telling him that next time it will be much longer. This is a child that LOVES dairy! Milk is something he drinks 3 meals a day and he will use cheese three meals a day also. I hope I made the point that if you don't work you don't get the benefits of that work. Time will tell.

Well D8 is going to have a long day. He has decided to throw fits about petty stuff today. Such is most Monday's. He just has a hard time getting back in the swing of school. It IS getting better, this is the first Monday in a couple of weeks that started with a battle. I am working hard to not allow him to see frustration. :) That drives them nuts!

Guess I should spell check and hit post on this. Just another boring day around here. Hope everyone is having a blessed Monday.

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Tasha said...

Your life is NEVER boring and I wait anxiously, anticipating each post you do.
Thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your life!!!!