Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beautiful fall weather......

This morning was so pretty I took the camera out with some of the grand kids and kids that were home and done with school.  

Kitties are much loved around here.   We really do watch them close and they don't seem to disturbed as kids seem to re-catch them pretty often.  

 She isn't a baby any more!  She is one year old but looks so grown up today.   :)    She is walking everywhere and having a wonderful time climbing in and out of the car. 
 This car was brought out by a friend when her yard got to full of toys.  There were two of them.  Her kids played on them out here until they moved away.   Not long after that we got the first kids.  That is when one of the cars finally bit the dust.  We have had the kids almost 6 years.  Only T really "fit" when we got them.  She was 4.   Then along came grand daughter by marriage.  She "fit" so more playing with the car.   By the time she was not fitting grand son was toddling into it.   So now we have 3 again fighting for it.  
 No, my children do not have pants with knees in them.   Are boys suppose to?

 Kitty LOVE!!!!!!

I love this picture.  If you could have heard the chatter going on.  This was a flower pot of mine full of dirt.   As you can see the dirt migrated to the porch.
See the "cowboy" sitting on the 5 gallon bucket?  He isn't sitting there just for fun.  He was not listening and Granola parked him there.  He doesn't look to distrubed.  

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~Tammy~ said...

Love the pictures! Especially the kitty ones!