Saturday, October 16, 2010

Country Bumpkin or City Slicker?

This picture will separate the country bumpkins from the city slickers.   If you know what is about to happen with the picture below then you are totally a country bumpkin.  
If you guessed "tutoring" cats!  You are right!   We started out on dogs.  Just one.... for now.  Then we moved on to cats.  The cat in the picture is the ONLY male cat I didn't "tutor" that we could find.  I have one more to fix, but he was unavailable this evening.  

I did laugh as I had two girls helping me.   This seems to be a job boys (of all ages) have issues with.   Girls on the other hand... well it is done!   I guess siblings are getting along pretty good since I didn't hear any suggestions of "tutoring" male siblings.  

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Anonymous said...

Makes me smile everytime I see this. We have a couple of really big ones for cows...