Friday, October 29, 2010


It was interesting this week as our family dynamics changed. MJ has started working part of the time helping older brothers. I think this is wonderful! He loves it. What happens is he is gone a lot. He worked Monday. Tuesday he got up early to work on school so he could go again. He left here about 7:30 with his brother. He came home from working Tuesday, last night (Thursday) about 9:15. So we were short MJ on Tue, Wed, and Thursday. By Thursday I had children walking around whining "I miss my MJy" It was funny. D11 was one of the loudest whiners. MN knew he was coming home last night and wouldn't go to bed until he got here so she could see him. Thursday in town it felt strange. I had 4 of mine plus grandson and kept looking around because I was "short".

I think he was more than a little tired last night. I didn't get much conversation out of him. No one had to suggest he shower. He came in turn the hot water heater down, dodged being mobbed by siblings that missed him and headed for the shower. He came down and said goodnight. Not only did they do the normal Tue. night run which got them sleeping about midnight and up again about 5. He got a free trip to New Mexico that afternoon. So he not only got to work he got to see the world. J who needs the army to see the world when you have brothers that have a trucking company. Since it wasn't planned that he would be gone so long he didn't take extra clothes. He is my "Mr. Clean". I did get some serious chuckles in at thinking how dirty he was getting. Did I mention he was riding/working in a bull rig? A bull rig for those that don't know the term is a livestock hauler. He was helping haul sheep and goats. These trailers have 4 decks, meaning they have 4 floors. There isn't enough room for a grown person to stand up in the sheep and goat decks, cows there is only 3 and you can stand up. You have to either crawl or walk very bent over to go in and push the stock out. It is a dirty job! The "flooring" leaks from above besides the stuff on the floor of the deck you are crawling in. See why he was so ready for a shower!

What I found so interesting is how our "adopted" family all were missing MJ so much. Both Ds kept talking about it along with MJ's bio siblings. There was no difference after 10 months of being "family" in who was missing MJ the most. I really think it was a tie between one adopted and bio sibling. Being a family really has nothing to do with "blood" and a lot to do with what you make of it. Isn't it cool we can all be family as we are adopted into the family of Christ and are adopted brothers and sisters of Jesus?
Ephesians 1:4-6
Just think, we have the same inheritance that Jesus does in the Kingdom. I think we miss the boat way too often. We put importance in the wrong things of life. We worry about "blood" instead of being thankful for THE Blood of Christ and how that allows us to draw near to God.

Just morning ramblings as I start my day. Hope everyone will spend some time today considering what is really important in life.

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