Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Daddy's Fault!!!!!!

I got the privilege of watching almost 2 yo this evening/night while son and DIL went off to have fun.  Son was concerned since there wasn't any dirt for grandson to play in.  We had been blessed with a wonderful rain this morning.   I assured him his son could adjust to mud instead of dust/dirt.   I think he did a great job adjusting!  What do you think?
 Not even sure he needed "instruction"  I really think he managed this all by himself!  He was one of the kids that didn't come in willingly or without prompting way after dark.  He was busy "cooking"  
There is a chance he might have even sampled some of his own cooking.  I can't be for sure but judging by his face there was a slight chance. 

He was one of a zoo of kids having fun today.  We had kids ages, 5 weeks,1,   almost 2, 3, almost 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 14 here this evening.  Did I mention the mud?   People quickly come to understand why I have no carpet once they are out here after a rain.   Tonight my floors have a thick coating of dust.  It came in as mud but quickly dried and was crushed into dust by the high level of traffic. 

We BBQ ribs and link sausage.  The ribs were great!  The sausage was OK I guess. I ended up with pork and it was to greasy and just wasn't great.  

Hope every one is having a blessed weekend.  We are! 

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