Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healthy Chicken Strips

Last night I made chicken strips that were so good.  I had to share the recipe.  Of course I modified and didn't measure so it is a sorta recipe. 

Cut chicken in strips.
Soak in a mixture of milk, honey, (very little like a table spoon), and Tabasco sauce.  Said to soak it 10 minutes.  I tossed in some black pepper. 

Next add seasoning of your choice.  I added spicy stuff, like chili powder and garlic to corn meal.  It called for corn flakes but.....  I never have that.  I dropped pieces in the "shake and bake" zip lock and shook.

I planned on cooking them in the oven on a greased cookie sheet, but my oven knob broke off as I planned to turn it on.  So I used the grill on top of the stove and covered it.  

The review was it is better than chicken nuggets!

I'm not sure what the honey does, if it makes it cling better or what.   I know they weren't spice.  The last batch to cook I added cyanne powder to them trying to get some zing.   Still needed more.

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