Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where's the Beef?

 DIL made Cherry cheese cake for granddaughters 1st birthday.  While grand daughter thought it was OK.  As kids scarfed their cheese cake and went on to "desert" she wanted her share of desert.  She wanted a RIB!   She was much happier with a rib than with cherry cheese cake.  

Such a clean face and hands!  It WAS yummy!   I thought both the cheese cake and the ribs was yummy. 

Daughter in love figured out why I am so willing to make this for birthdays.  It is quick and simple and yummy!  Not counting pretty!  

Recipe is as follows, but remember we are making grandmothers cobbler pan full, which is a bit larger than a 9x13 rectangle pan.  

Graham cracker crust squished into pan.

In a large mixing bowl mix 2 packages very soft cream cheese with about 4-5 cups of milk.   Once the cream cheese is mixed well add two large packages of instant pudding mix.  I like vanilla or lemon and vanilla (one each).   Mix the pudding mix into the cream cheese mixture and pour it in your pan.  Chill!  Once chilled top with two cans of cherry pie filling.  You are done!   If your pie filling is in the frig it is much better.  

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