Friday, October 29, 2010

Interesting Article on adoption

As we have another day of testing God provides something interesting to read about adoption. I must say that some days this article has a lot of truth for our family.  I do "fake it 'till we make it" but along the journey the truth is some days you don't like your children very much.   I have walked this walk before so I am not stressing because some days I don't like much less love a child.  I know that with time, boundaries, structure and love God will change the child and everyone else to mesh us together.   I do want to point out how "mean" this mom had to be to help her daughter attach.   It is HARD always being the bad guy.  If your child needs painful procedures to help them grow up to be a "normal" adult you see that they get them.  Some times you even have to give them.  This is much the same. It is painful to be the bad guy day after day as you teach boundaries and structure.  It is exhausting listening to a child scream and yell at you because he isn't getting his way.   That said, I wouldn't trade my walk for anyone else's walk!   Some days I might consider trading kids :)

Thoughts?  Commits?   All I ask is don't judge an adoptive family until you have walked a mile in their shoes.  May of them have issues that most people wouldn't even believe if you tried to tell them.  

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Anonymous said...

Just read both articles. Too many time children, adopted or not, are unfairly labeled as trouble makers or rebellious when in fact there IS a true underlying genetic/chemical problem. Until the underlying cause is found and treated however is best - the rest cannot fall into place. I think many times with a child it's not a case of "won't", but a case of "can't". Information is the key that unlocks many doors. Thanks for sharing this article, Nola. My prayer is that many will read this with open hearts and minds. Blessings to you, my friend...Lisa