Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Morning!

I took my camera to the barn in hopes of getting some good pictures of the new calf.  Instead I took other pictures.  The calf just didn't want to cooperate.  I will try again this evening when he is full.  He had one thing on his mind, finding mama!  I decided that these four were attached well enough to just turn them loose with their mama.   The reason 2 of them aren't eating is they are way way to full.   They looked like they over indulged.  
MN is enjoying the old fashion milking.  Hershey milks easy.  So it is almost as fast to hand milk her instead of sitting the milker up and then washing all the parts after for a little over a gallon.  There was a cat begging.  I don't think MN gave her a squirt.  That is half the fun of milking by hand.  I will try to get pictures of cats lapping milk squirted in their mouth once they get it down.

After getting barn chores done it was off to feed sheep.  I pour out about 5 gallons of corn for them.  Or I drive the ranger while a kid pours sitting in the back.  Once we were finished pouring I went back for pictures. 

As the mamas eat the babies run and play in groups.  They are hard to take pictures of as they are usually making laps.   This morning they divided into two groups.  

 Some of the lambs are just so pretty.  They are sweet faced. 
 Everyone likes salt!  The brown is a mineral block. 
While I was busy blogging the outside picture the kids were in need of pictures taken.

I bought this hard hat for .50 at a garage sale.  It has been a best loved toy with the kids.  Several fights have popped up over it.  Today grand son K claimed it. 
 The wooden horse, also a garage sale find, is a favorite toy.  The horse does step on toes sometimes.  Usually when two or more kids are discussion who gets to ride.  

 He really wasn't doing anything wrong!  Really!  He may have been thinking it though!   Just judging by the grin and dimples. 
 This blurry picture is T playing peep eye with the boys.   They were moving to fast to get a good one of all of the kids.  
Horse threw K and he was all upset until T announced she was going outside.  He recovered quickly and off he went.  The word outside seems to cause most of these kids to recover quickly.  They are now busy playing in the dirt.  

Time for me to be off here and accomplishing stuff.   All be blessed!  

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