Friday, January 14, 2011


This morning D11 was telling me he carried a sack of feed from the barn to the feeder with one arm.  He said it was hard, but he did it.   A year ago he couldn't drag a sack of feed to the back of the truck for someone else to unload.   I ask him what would have happened if when he was throwing his, "I can't! It's to heavy!" fit I would have agreed, and never pushed him to do it.   He thought a minute and said he would not be able to carry a sack of feed with one arm.  He smiled.   He is proud of how strong he has become in a year. He has also grown a LOT.  He is 11 and 14 pants are almost to short.   His pants seem to always be high water pants no matter how often I buy him new ones.  

 D11 is also becoming very responsible.  He can be counted on to keep the dog feeder filled and the cat feeder filled.  He is also great about filling the baby creep feeder.   I know the dogs and cats appreciate him!
Ok off for the next post :)
He has become an amazing young man in keeping his school work caught up or often working ahead. He is excited that he will be staying home with dad when all us girls go to retreat. Last year he is quick to say he was not doing school right and had to spend the weekend sitting at his computer. This year that won't happen. He will have fun with dad!

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