Monday, January 24, 2011

That's Life!


Can you believe that the wind blew it out?  That is the story I was told.  I didn't even bother getting up and going and checking at that point.  I was battling an earache/cold and just listened to the amazing story of how the wind "must" have blown the window out and broke it.  Did I mention I was asleep on the couch when I was hit with this news?  

I didn't buy it, didn't go look didn't even get up off the couch.  I just let it go.  I'm sure that bothered the tale bearer.  I did think of that as I let them sweat.  Dad came home from a meeting out of town.  We were talking about the wind and I told him how hard it had to have been blowing out here.  Then we wondered outside to see the damage together.   One look and he said hummm someone was playing IN the bus and their shoulder went through the glass.  

Inquisition time!  He lined up all those that could have been involved.  Seems no one was in the bus the last 2 days.  Amazing!  Does anyone else have a no one living at their house?    I knew without a doubt in my mind who one of the no ones was.  The tale bearer.  Something about dirty dog barks first.   Dad was the one doing the inquisition.  He gave them 3 minutes to come clean or the consequences would start adding up. D11 and T were "getting something" from the bus.  She was tickling him and ..... :)  Yep just what I figured and even the two I had pegged.    Her reason for telling when she did was because MJ had found the window and was having an cow.  She hurried to beat him in and tell her version.  MJ had no version to tell just he found it.   

D11 didn't get a consequence.  T on the other hand was in trouble for lying to me.  She was the tale bearer that woke me up to lie to me.   This was the straw that break the camels back on her mouth.  She has been having mouth issues for a while, the lying and the talking ugly and the bossing has reached moms limit plus.  I let her help choose her consequence.  She thought not talking for 2 days would be good.   Dh and I didn't even bat an eye on that.  No way was that enough.   So she will be improving her writing skills for the next 2 WEEKS.  She was already having to do 5 random acts of kindness a day for her ugly actions. That is still in effect.   She can play and all but must be silent.  I expect a much quieter two weeks.  She can talk again on the Friday we leave for Retreat.  I have suggested she spend some time thinking about the power of words and how her words effect others.  

The blessings in this is it was the emergency escape window so dh popped the frame out, put a piece of heavy plastics in the frame.  It wasn't a big deal to "fix" until we can find out if we have to order a window or if the local glass company can do it.  It really doesn't even show that much, looks like a very dirty window.  Yesterday it was a bit loud popping on the way home from church as we had a very strong wind blowing against it.   I am thankful I could find thankful stuff instead of just seeing the $$$ involved.  I didn't stress and I didn't loose it over it happening.  

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