Sunday, January 30, 2011

What does "full" Look like?

I have come to the realization that D9 does not understand the world "full". Last night he had eaten 2 plates of food. He was going back for more. I ask him if he was full? His response was along the lines of I ate two plates so I guess I am full. I never did get him to make the connection of full being a feeling. He kept going back to how much he ate, not a feeling. If he ever sees someone eating he is "Hungry". If that doesn't get him food he is, "Very Hungry." If we just ate and someone else comes in he wants to eat. I don't really think he "feels". I think this is also his bed wetting issue. He has no understanding of listening to his body. Sensory? How do you describe "full"? I tried different ideas, but really never got it across. I finally told him to feel how is body feels now and we will talk about how it feels in the morning. Best idea I have for now. What I was surprised at is he really can't define the "full" feeling. He doesn't internalize it. He looks outside for the cues to being full I think. We will be working at trying to teach him "how full feels".


Anonymous said...

It might be a sensory issue or he could have that disorder[cannot remember the name]that makes him not be full-he will never feel full -saw it on the discovery medical channel about a boy who never felt full- and it was a medical disorder.

Anonymous said...

I have three boys who never feel full-seriously- all three will eat until they're sick if we allow it. At first it was funny (like when they were 2 or 3), but now they're getting older (4 6 and almost 8) it's harder for us to know how much is enough and whether we should just let them eat... and eat... and eat. Strangely enough they all three wet the bed consistenly- 5 or 6 nights a week. I'm curious if you figure anything out.
Becky in GA- remember me? :)