Sunday, January 16, 2011

Heart of Motherhood Enrichment Retreat News

Wanted to pass this along to everyone.   This really is a great weekend of rest and love for any woman.  It is for those with kids, grand kids or just if you plan on kids some day.... It would be a great weekend. 

Blessings to each of you. Heart of Motherhood Enrichment retreat is just 19 days away. Registrations have started to come in. The team is enjoying planning and preparing a wonderful, fun, and relaxing retreat. We're praying for each of you. We pray all the details will work out for you to attend.
Each of the speakers are getting excited about what God has put on their hearts to share. Listen to these wonderful topics:

Connecting to God – Establishing a Relationship with God: Nola
Ideas and tips to help in establishing or to improve our relationship with God.

Vanessa  - All of us have disappointments in life. It can be a passing emotion over a temporary loss or it may hit us powerfully when something permanently changes our lives. What do we do? More importantly, what does God want us to do?

Julie - How to walk in consistency in the day to day role of a mother and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle: 
We purpose to be consistent in every area our high calling of Motherhood and sometimes it seems impossible,but there is a way. Enjoy this session as we learn to walk consistently. We'll also look at the blessings of living a healthy lifestyle.

Living a Lifestyle of Forgiveness: Molly
How to forgive when it hurts too much - and why you want to.

Sniper Fire: Molly
The secret battle undermining the discipline of your children.
Living, Giving, and Leaving Biblical Truth For The Next Generation: Elaine Russo

We live in a time where women of all ages seem to be trying to figure out what they are lacking and why. When confronted with life's daily challenges, some are faced with a sense of discontentment and insecurity, thinking that surely there must be more to this life. Younger women seem to desire more in the way of examples and relationships, while the older women seek purpose and fulfillment. How might the two generations be brought together to accomplish God's plan for His body? In this session we will explore what the Bible says about mentoring and how we might find our place in this simple yet complex machine.
I f you are unable to attend all weekend, consider coming for the day on Saturday. The cost for one day will be $50.00

Don't delay, Don't procrastinate, Register now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have any questions contact us at or you can contact us on face book @ Heart of Motherhood

Blessings to you all,

May today's rising of the sun mirror the rising hope in your heart of God's emphatic desire to be a part of your life in a very personal way.

Julie Zesch

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