Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Remedies

Want a simple home remedy that seems to work well for most of us when we have the coughing from a cold?

No it isn't good, but it does work and I can spell all the ingredients!

In a small glass, we use a shot glass, combine equal parts of honey, lemon juice and Tabasco.  If you don't have Tabasco use cayenne pepper instead.  Warm it until the honey mixes well with the other ingredients.  Mix then drink.  Chase with water.........LOTS of water is fine.   You will be amazed at how much this helps, especially when you are trying to get to sleep. 

Most of my kids will come down and make them a shot of this if they can't stop coughing.   DH even had a MJ make him a shot the other night.  Best nights sleep he had had in several nights. 

Hope this helps someone else who has the coughs. 

Last night I finally gave in to an ear ache I had been battling for 2 days.  I got a tiny amount of virgin coconut oil in a cup added a large chunk of a garlic clove.   Warmed this until the garlic was nice and warm, but not hot. I made sure it was well coated with the coconut oil and used it as a cotton ball or plug in my ear.   I went to bed and it stopped hurting.  I also took a corn bag and used it too.  I had used that the last 2 nights without much relief.   It is much better today!  I have used garlic oil/coconut oil in small children's ears for ear aches.  This seems to help too. 

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Karen T said...

What is a corn bag? If you get this & if you feel like replying to karynn56@yahoo.com that would be wonderful.

I have enjoyed your blog & passed on your earache remedy to my daughter who is suffering from an earache with swollen glads down her neck.