Monday, October 5, 2009

For those that think life in the Country doesn't have challenge

Yes, you are seeing right! It is a goat, a FULL grown goat rolled up in a roll of 5 ft 2x4 no climb. How you ask? So did we!
I went out to hang clothes on the line and heard her hollering. Since I had the 9 month old in the sling I knew that what ever her problem was I would need help. I went back to the door and ask MN to come help, she grabbed pliers and by then I had found her. I sent for camera and S to take baby. He did NOT like that goats scream. I took a few pictures then sent S in with him while MJ came out to help us. We unrolled some wire, where we could push horns back through and pushed and pulled until we managed to get her free. She was a bit wobbly to start with but soon was off to find more trouble.


Jan said...

Oh but isn't it a blessed challenge! Keep posting and we'll keep reading. We miss you at am prayer time but we know you are busy busy busy.

aka PraiseHisName

Regina said...

Oh my! I wonder why in the world she wanted in there in the first place. Do you think she had been in there a long time?