Monday, October 26, 2009

Wet Rainy Monday!

God is yet again blessing us with rain! We haven't gotten much, but it was a tad slick going to pick up grandson at the hwy. I think his mom will be able to come get him this afternoon. Unless it decides to rain hard between now and then.

Kids are busy at school. Two had test this morning. I gave them until grandson woke up to study. They must not have done a lot of studying since both "missed" the test. Meaning they made less than 80 on it and will be redoing that section of school work. Mom is so mean! It does help them learn though. S admitted that she was in over her head with school trying to get a year done in 3 months. Just to much and to hard to learn it that fast. She agreed to allow me to give her an extra month to do it. If that is to much then we will add a little more time. Even doing 3 years worth in 1 is a lot.

Grand Boys are busy playing in and out of the play pen. Tiger is outside giving kisses and mimicking K who is in play pen jail. For now he is happy in jail with all business around his jail. This morning I peeled an apple for K. He loved scraping apple off with those two teeth he has. Great entertainment for him. After that I even got him to take a nice nap. He is having teething issues and last week his idea of a nap was 30 minutes. Maybe this week that will go better too.

I really want to get my granddaughters socks made by this evening so I can give them to her. Yet hear I set. She told her aunt that she was sure the next pair I made would be for her. I had made both grand boys socks so as soon as I got a loom the right size I started on her a pair. I am using three skeins of variegated yarn all with pinks and purples and light blues in it. Should work well for her. It really doesn't take long to make a pair. It is just getting started. I have about an inch done.

Since I am working on the lap top in the school room I don't have pictures to add. I will try and add some later.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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teresaH said...

I wish I could still homeschool. My bio-kids are grown and the state won't allow us to homeschool adoptive children. I love reading about your family's day. It reminds me of all the things I miss about teaching my kids. Our lives are so similar yet so different. With 5 small kids I don't have time to do all the things I enjoy. Maybe in a year or 2.