Friday, October 23, 2009

We survived, I guess..

Again CPS called to postpone their visit. This time nice went OUT the window. I lost it! I hate losing it. I became a mad blubbering idiot. Instead of trying to explain why I was mad and let mouth overload judgment I did choose a better path. I started changing, "You need to talk to dh!" . Each time she would try to explain why she wasn't coming out she got about 3 words out and I interrupted with, "You need to talk to DH!" Then she changed tactics and so agreed to come get it done. But, by then I really didn't care if she EVER came out. She still got the same answer, "You need to talk to DH!" I was NOT going there. I bet I told her 10 times before she finally just ask for his phone number. By then I was so upset I gave her my son's instead :) so she had to get it from him. Oh well! After she called DH and he explained that we had put our life on hold for three days only to again have her change plans and he could tell her exactly what happened and why I was mad. She sweetly agreed to come do the home study. I did manage to cool off enough to be nice. She did manage to call me from the hwy for me to come get her. Good thing too since the road was rather deep and slick in places :).

I have no idea if we "passed". She didn't say we didn't. She left here talking about how well my children communicate and how large their vocabulary is. She was also talking about kids so we will see if we get an email today saying we need to do this and that to "pass". I doubt she would tell me anything negative yesterday since she didn't have her car or her other worker for safety. She ask them how many siblings they wanted. This was in private. :) MN said oh no more than 20. S said what ever God brings. The other two didn't care. Later we were talking and both T and MN pointed out they wanted to be like the Duggers. I didn't say much. I answered questions was nice and basically told her the same thing S did, that how ever many God wanted us to have. We ARE working on a 15 passenger bus so ......

Not a lot else going on. I am off to do produce today. Not sure I remember how. I also get to go by the IGA grocery store. I seldom go there but they have a few things that the big stores don't carry that we use like Grandma's molasses in BIG jars. Besides it is much faster than shopping the super centers and has all the basics.

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