Sunday, October 11, 2009

Knifty Knitter

I found a new QUICK pattern that even I can understand... socks! I started these yesterday afternoon, now I am wearing them. They required knowing ONE stitch... I think I know 2! They did require some counting, but I have learned to count to 19! It took THREE threads to make them. This uses the blue loom.

Yesterday T wanted to make something. I suggested a scarf. This is using the blue loom. She used one thread and skipped every other peg. It is hard to see how long it is, but it is longer than she is tall! She was thrilled with it and now wants to make a shawl the same way. I want her to so I can see what it would look like! I know my next big project is going to be a shawl, I just haven't found an easy enough pattern that I really like to make it.

I also discovered an easier way to handle the yarn. I saw it on a video I was watching. Take a straw or other small "pipe" where it is about 2 inches long. I started with a straw then graduated up to a air conditioner hose I think it is 1/4 inch hose. Either one will work the stiffer hose works a little better. Thread your yarn through the hose. Then start your project. Use the hose as a pointer to wrap between the post. This also keeps the thread looser as the yarn just flows through the pipe and isn't pulled tight. Just hold the pipe and swish it between the pegs and keep moving. I used a piece of jewelry wire for a long needle threader to thread my pipe. just double the wire, making sure it is longer than your pipe. Put your pipe on the wire, with the doubled end of the wire out. Thread your yarn through the wire, pull the wire through the pipe and you have it done.

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