Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mainly pictures...

Doesn't she look like she is about ready to have a baby? Midwife says anytime!

I have been playing with my knifty knitter. I got down my tote of yarn and let this child pick through it. He picked this yarn! So I made him a hat out of it! He seems to love it. He wears it a lot. Not sure is daddy is thrilled with his bright colored hat but :) That IS what grandma's do best right?

Yesterday I had younger grandson. He has decided playing on the floor is for babies. Catch me if you can! He is crawling like a rocket, and pulling up on everything. Instead of chasing, since he has decided the fun stuff MUST be happening in the garage which has cinder block steps going down into it. I put an old fashion gate in the door to the kitchen. Then had both boys pose in front of it. Older one is on his knees to make them the same height.

"Let me OUT" not sure he was thrilled with the gate.

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