Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Normal" Morning ? !?! Only at our house!

As we were working on breakfast a child said, "PEACOCK!!!" While looking toward the school room/garage. Sure enough not one but TWO pea brains had came in through a door that the wind blew open. After a picture or two I shooed them out. Not even a mess! that I have found.

As I was coming back with the camera I thought this to good not to share. MJ who is 13, took over putting muffin batter in the pans while I photographed peafowl.

Then along came MN toting the grand baby. She had to snag a bite of the muffin dough. As I took these pictures I thought how much better prepared they will be for adult hood because of being allowed and encouraged to "mother" the babies around and also being taught to put food on the table male or female!

Other news: DIL was having contractions strong and regular all day yesterday. Not strong enough to call the midwife but enough to know things were happening. Today is the other grandmothers birthday so maybe cowgranny will get a new little grandbaby as a birthday present. DIL is 4 days past due date I think. Cowgranny updated me this morning about 7 with the news that there was no news. DIL was still sleeping so she isn't in hard labor. Beyond that ?????? They haven't been over yet today so not sure if she is nesting or cowgranny has her walking. Yesterday she didn't have time to walk for nesting. :)

One more cute picture! Feeding the chicks! Not sure one of them may have snacked on a finger as I snapped this picture! The chicks are big beggers and love bugs and grass out of your hand. If your hand goes in without food well....... :)

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