Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday of "New Normal"

As I was making laundry soap for my dil this morning I though how blessed and different our life is. If someone had ask "What have you done today?" My answer would have been:

I started my day with some time with my Heavenly Father in His Word. After that I chatted on the net a while then it was time to milk cows. So I milked 3 cows. S has learned to put milk up and clean the milker. It is such a big help. She put the milk up while I had one more cup of coffee and visited on the net a few minutes. By then big kids and babies were over. Son doesn't want dil to stay alone for a few days and he had to go to work. DIL and I visited as she gave baby K a sun bath in the school room. The bay window is wonderful for that! After that mommy and baby went for a nap. I made a batch of laundry soap for DIL. We are now busy taking test as I "watch" 2 yo grandson. He is busy helping kids with school and playing with all his toys. I don't think he has even noticed his mama is napping. I know he doesn't know he is being "watched". Wow it isn't quite 11 am even! Productive day!

We are waiting for our CPS visit. I don't think I shared that they again cancelled yesterday. I explained again that if it was raining or had rained I needed to meet them at the hwy. She calmly said maybe it will be through raining by tomorrow. I tried to explain it would take several days or longer for it to dry out enough for a car to come if we get much rain. I do not think she got it. We did get 1/2 inch last night. It fell very slow and doesn't look wet, but is slick and sticky when you walk. I wonder if she will call? Remember what our road looked like last week? Oh well! I am not reminding them. She assured me they would be out "after lunch" which means?

When it is dry cars can straddle the ruts and come out. When it is muddy you must stay in the ruts are you will just flat STAY. The ruts are quite deep. So a small or even medium size something will drag bottom or high center.

Tomorrow is produce. I will even go get it. DIL usually goes, but seems she doesn't want to tomorrow. :) Her dh will be home. If he ends up having to work I will leave a big kid and offer to take a short kid. He likes to "help" with produce too. He might even snack on a few grapes or strawberries if the chance arises.

I better figure out what we are having for lunch. S is making enchilada casserole for supper. We shared one out of the freezer so I want to replace it and it sounds good for supper.

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