Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Morning... Back to the Grind....

Weekend was great! We exchanged kids with friends on Sat. S spent the day with their oldest DD while their son 13 and dd 9 came and hung out here. My aunt and son also came for the day. Kids all had a blast. We enjoyed the fellowship and fun of just visiting. I made a HUGE (think stock pot) pot of chicken noodle soup for lunch/supper. It was almost all eaten. I should have made bread to go with it. I decided to visit instead.

Church on Sunday was good. We came home and just vegged the rest of the day. We had gotten about an inch of rain during the night so doing outside was muddy. Older son did change the shocks on his truck. Carports are nice! When they stay dry! Dh had reworked the dirt around the carport on Sat. to help make the water drain away and not through it.

Kids played outside until dark thirty last night. The weather was so nice. We have a rain chance ALL week! Perfect going into labor weather as we will have to go to the hwy and bring midwife and all her stuff in.

Today I keep grandson. I have to get up reminding me I do it. I tend to forget what day of the week it is. S starts her new year of school today. She is excited. She did so well on her last years. I had her set down and make a plan out. She is going to do a years worth of catch up in school in 3 months then one more year. That will put her at 9th grade level in Math and LA. Once she achieves that she will start the SOS prep for the GED. She is hoping to take that and also talk to the local Jr. College this summer and in roll. She is looking at something in the geriatrics area. She is excited and scared. She never dreamed she would achieve what she has. She admitted people in her life that "loved" her told her she wouldn't ever learn anything. She is excited just not having a 3rd grade education. It has done a world of good for her self-esteem as she sees she is smart and does make good grades and can learn.

Time to get my day started. Grandson is playing behind me with a flashlight. He thinks he is special since he has it. Half the kids are still napping, something about this cool rainy morning I am guessing.

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