Friday, January 15, 2010

Calm, Quite Friday at Our House.......

As calm and quite as any home with 9 children from almost 3 months to 13 is! Yes, that was the 2 legged kid count today, oh with one 4 legged one in a box in the school room for good measure. I had planned to keep 1 yo grand son and his 6 yo sister wanted SOOO badly to come stay with me she decided to puke in the back seat of mom's car and again in her bed last night. Mom was nice and let her come. I really hope she doesn't have to go to such extremes next time. :) She has been fine all day. In fact she is spending the weekend.

We are all still trading crud around here. DH and MN both are sharing today. DH came home early, it was before 7 pm when he got home! That means he is really sick! MN feels yucky and is running a fever. I'm sure DH is too, he has taken on homesteading the blue recliner since I do feel some better.

Grand kids all seem to have snotty noses. New kids got lessons in nose wiping of smaller siblings today. They did well! I did laugh at B and 1 yo grand son. GS was climbing in a baby chair I ask B to set him down. This child is a chunk and tends to not "help" when he is being removed from a spot he wants to be. So B not ever dealing with small children bumped his head as he sat him down. Didn't slow GS down, he headed back for the chair. B again removed him and this time tried to sit him down easy and ended up bumping the back of his head. Think lead weight being moved. Instead of crying said child again headed for the chair. I got up and MOVED the chair out of his line of play. He was liking this way to much. Tough kid!

B is doing MUCH better on tattling. He only tattled I think once today, and that was that TD was going to tattle on him. :) His melt downs are less also. He still hates me, doesn't like me, and several other flattering things, but hasn't cussed or really had a screaming match with me. Progress! He is still helping at the barn like a champ. Can't wait to go and is willing to try and help a lot more.

I did laugh once today B got mad in the school room and stomped in here. I looked up and said, "Oh are you going to play with GS?" He brightened and played with him quite well for while then announced he was going back out there. :) Having so many ages of kids is really nice as they can see and play like a 1 yo or 2 yo or older child.

Today TD ask me why when I told 1 yo GS "No!" He didn't get mad but stopped. So we got to talk about training and all. He said his adoptive mom did that and B listened but his dad didn't make him follow the rules. I told him this mom and dad both expected rules followed. It was a passing commit but it helps him see parenting skills and how people learn. Now I really wish that both GS always listened when "No!" is spoken and I would love to give that impression, but truth is, they are 1 and 2 and challenging boundaries daily. Just not as loud or long or as defiant as my 8 yo.

LOL I sent 5 children to pick up the school room, you can guess how big a mess it is. I explained that anyone NOT helping wouldn't be playing there tomorrow. Guess who decided NOT to help? Yep, Mr. B. I ask him point blank if he was helping? "No"
"Ok, not a problem! Get your night clothes on."
This said to the reply of, "NO" not yelling just defiant. I went back to typing as he didn't quite stomp but walked heavy back to get night clothes and is now changing in the bathroom. I will bet money his clothes will be backwards when he comes out. :) His "defiant" stance!

Speaking of stomping B kept his shoes all day!!!! So he took them off to play a while. LOL his shirt is on RIGHT!!!! Can't see the bottoms! Lost that bet didn't I? He even did it quickly. LOL now he is "hungry". No we aren't eating anymore. Supper was over maybe 30 minutes ago. He ate 3 huge bowls of salad. Passed on the chicken soup. Oh, I know there is bread on the table he wants. That to passed without melt down, he is now upstairs brushing teeth. See life is getting better. He seems to be catching on that he isn't going to win. I'm sure I am in for a battle tomorrow over playing in the school room. think I will print a sign and post it to help all of us remember that "Because B chose to NOT pick up toys he may not play in here." That will go over well. It is now being taped to the door. He will be mad in the morning. I think he is processing all these choices and starting to figure out it isn't changing.

They are all off to do quite stuff upstairs. Yea right! That is the claim. They have been having issues of not getting up so bed time started getting earlier. Night before last it was 7:30! Last night, since they had gotten up on time they got to stay up until 8. Tonight since everyone was again up and ready to go they get until 8:30. At that time they are to do lights out and be quite. If they can't do that then the time will again start the other way. I know mean mean mom and dad. Dad really gets the credit for this. The rule was up at 9 play quite until 9:30 and could read until 10, but this was being abused and kids weren't getting up so they lost that privilege.

It has gotten quite down stairs. I do chuckle when S was upstairs I was for ever fussing at girls for noise, now she isn't and it is BOYS that are being fussed at. I do think she kept the girls mainly TJ in trouble with chattering.

Speaking of S, her bio mom did pick her up in San Antonio. They came and got her stuff out of the storage unit over last weekend. She did call me one day this week, the day I was sooooo sick and ask where her MP3 and photo's were. I told her I put her MP3 in her stuff the day I took it from her and I assumed her photo's were in there didn't have a clue. She said she would keep in touch, "If we wanted." I told her it was her choice. That was about the length of the conversation. She did pick up on something was wrong. I told her I had a cold. I know she has contacted the friends she stayed with in SA. The 16 yo was rather blunt and explained they weren't friends, didn't plan on being friends she was treated nice because she was a guest in their home. It would be nice to think S understood not being rude doesn't mean you are her forever friend, but in her mind if you are nice then you are fast friends. It seems the two teen girls compared notes after S left and she was lying to each about the other. Didn't seem to set to well with them. :) Can't imagine! I do wish her well and pray for her often. Beyond that she is God's problem not mine. She is 18 and an adult! This may sound heartless, but she burned lots of bridges with dripping water type issues that wear away trust and positive feelings over time and you don't even know they are gone until the water is removed.

Dh is now snoring in the blue chair, guess he is resting. Kids really are quite upstairs. I think I will sneak off to the shower and see if I can unstop my nose before bed. All have a blessed night. If you feel led pray for all of mine that have the crud. It sure isn't fun.

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