Saturday, January 2, 2010

First post of 2010

Our year started quite. We had my SIL and nephew out yesterday. We are still working hard to teach mainly one young man that we really do mean what we say. :) It has been an interesting experience.

We are still doing well without meds. or as many meds. His anger outburst are down to very very spoiled child outburst. He is strong willed. He and MN had dish duty yesterday morning. He wasn't going to help. Not a problem, he could do it without help. Oh the tears, oh they yelling, no cussing (improvement!), oh the threats. He was going to run away. I pointed to the door and said bye have a nice walk. When he didn't move I ask "Thought you were leaving?" He didn't threaten to call 911. Last week he did that. I offered him the phone about 3 times. When lunch rolled around he was still half heartedly washing dishes between outburst of, "I need help." I would again ask him if he was suppose to help MN with dishes. He would agree. Then I would ask him if he did. No. So see he had help but didn't use it so he earned doing them alone. Maybe tomorrow he would make different choices. :) He ended up doing most of the lunch dishes too before he decided washing was better than raging. Since the conversations didn't even stop for his yelling. :) After dishes he had to mop the floor, which he did with a joyful spirit. The rest of the day was great for him.
Over all life is adjusting well. TD is coming out of his shell more and more. He is such a neat kid to talk to. His speech issues make him hard to understand but we are working on it. I explain he has to speak slow and face me so I can hear him. I tell him it is my problem but if he wants me to understand he has to do this. :)
Some random pictures. This is from the barn last night. Babies are all cuddling for the night. Look close see the calf. She is the focal point of all the cuddling.
Dish duty. Usually evenings find everyone doing dishes before bed.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Praying for your two new boys, your family and all as you transition the boys into the family.