Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where did the week go......

It is hard to believe it is already Thursday. Today is town day. I thought I would be taking grandson to town today, but Daddy Day Care trumped Grandnola Day Care and he is keeping him. So it will be just my 5 in town today. We plan on going to the park and playing with friends. The temps today are suppose to be in the 70s.

My week has been good. We are still doing way to much coughing. MJ tried to take this could stuff but he slept most of 24 hours and seems better. The other boys didn't take it! Yea! MN seems to have the worst cough. We have tried every thing for it but she still coughs.

Mr. B has found mom to be mean and creative. He has spent most of two days writing sentences. His sentence goes something like this. "I will not call mom or any one else ugly names." He had 6 pages to do, then earned 7 more before he got those done. Now you have to understand these "pages" are writing practice pages. I type it out the computer generates it dotted for him to trace then write it under that. He has to trace it 4 times and write it 4 times per page. Hey, he needs handwriting help to so :) It took him from about 10 AM until 8 PM to do the 6pages. But only from about 10AM until 3 the second day to do 7 pages. Progress! then he did part of his school.

I really feel dealing with anger and attitude is number 1. As he learns I can and will keep him safe he will be in a better place to learn. I have pulled his circle into a very tiny circle within my reach. He won't be doing any playing out of that until he learns to control himself nicely in this circle. I did this for periods of time with each of the others. Some for a day or so, some for longer. It helps them learn self control. It also helps them feel safe. I think to myself how scary it must be to be 8 and not feel that the adults in your life can keep you safe. That they have let you down to the point you need to make your own decisions and not rely on them. My job is to allow this with a joyful spirit and happy face. Not to rush it. Give him time to heal and trust in a tiny area so that he can slowly grow his circle and maintain healthy control of his emotions and attitude.

The weather has been beautiful! Kids have spent lots of time playing outside. I'm sure they will be looking sun tanned before long. I am enjoying our fake spring. I don't know how long it will last but sunshine and showers are wonderful!

I guess I better start the day if we are going to get it done and be in town for park time. All have a very blessed day!

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