Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy Wed.

Yesterday went well. Thank you for the prayers. They were very felt! I did invite a friend over. My mentality is "safety in numbers." I had to laugh as the case worker brought S's old case worker too. S's case worker was always terrified coming out here. The jersey cows were so big they scared her. B didn't even have a melt down all day. He came close but managed to contain it. Such progress! He hasn't had one yet today. He is always proud of him self when he doesn't melt down.

I did get a laugh as the CPS worker ask what he likes to do. He responded with this big smile, "Get cow feed!" Now you have to understand that is a fight about 1 day out of 3. He flat refused one day and sat all day as his choice instead of doing it. He will give me 1/2 buckets and be mad when I can tell it isn't 2 FULL buckets and I dump it back and tell him to start over. Yet, here he is so pleased and he LOVES getting cow feed!

Today I left the 2 oldest here and took the three littler ones to get cow feed. Then we all unloaded it. It is a ton (2000lbs). I had the two T's taking the twisty off the sacks, MN was arranging barrels and counting and piling sacks as MJ and I emptied them. B was in charge of sacking sacks. It went really fast with very little fussing. Both TD and B had to fuss some but when mom threatened to let TD do my job he hushed.

After it was done I came in. They were finishing up sacking sacks. TD came in with his panties in a wad. He was jabbering so fast I couldn't understand it. He then got mad at me when I told him I couldn't understand him. Wrong thing to do! He blew up. I BLEW up! He was mad because the other kids were saying mean things about his goat. Thinks like annoying and pest. I informed him she WAS an annoying pest! She is a bottle baby! They are ALL annoying pest! He didn't like that either! After the kids all came in he had to own he hadn't even told them he didn't like them calling names. He was mad! Tough! If you can't use your words I don't want to hear it. We then talked about triggers and I ask him what in his past that this triggered. He "didn't know". I suggest he ask God. Then I prayed. He said all he saw was black. We talked more about how God will show us by pictures, sounds, smells .... what the cause is. We prayed again and he was able to tell about his dad threatening to shoot him if the dog barked one more time. Yes, you read that right shoot TD, IF the dog barked again. MN said B has told her a similar story. Welcome to the world of hurt children. TD cried/sobbed on my shoulder and we talked about how it is OK to share those memories, the other kids shared some with him along the same lines. It was positive even if it sounds bad. We got to talk about how yucky things have happened to all of them. Some times just knowing you aren't alone in your abuse helps.

Today my small child is willingly doing school. He is so smart, but his handwriting is SO bad it is easy to miss the smart. I will just keep working and praying. He did school willing yesterday too. Maybe he was sick on Monday. I never decided. He is such a drama king. I do chuckle as I hear him say, "I'm not going to lay down to do school." Yes, I bug him about sitting up to write. It is interesting to hear him thinking about good choices. He really is processing a lot of what I am flooding him with.

Today we have a 20% chance of rain. One reason I had to get my feed this morning. We have a 70% then an 80%. I hope we get a LOT! Today is to be warm and windy. Tomorrow wet and not real cold, Then Friday we are to be COLD!

Wow! My little guy just ask to write his last name as OUR last name. I had to spell it for him. :) Maybe he is attaching or at least going through the motions which is a start. TD still isn't ready to give up his last name. I am not pushing, but trusting God. I really would like total name changes, but again, will trust God and His work in the timing and name changing.

LOL he starts goofing off and then if I twitch he says. "Ok I'll stop." Before I even move. :) He does know what is expected. I still haven't decided if marathon sessions of school he works better or short sessions or in between. I am still playing with what works best on concentration. If I figure it out I'm sure it will change won't it?

I am wondering if he works better of an afternoon or morning. I am a morning person. I hope he is too! I don't think or teach well of an afternoon.

Ok I have blogged enough. No real news. Oh I did want to share a couple of pictures I took yesterday. Grand son playing in the floor. He did try to steal the show while CPS was here. His mommy may want to steal some of these. I thought they were cute.

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Crystal said...

My little man!!! He is so precious! He loves to steal the show though!! He is very good at doing that! I am so glad that progress is being made with B. He is very smart!