Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday fun.....

I'm setting here beside a small child that is "cold" and is choosing to not do school. He is "tired". He has his head on his desk. I ask him how he thought not doing school would work out for him? "Bad". Hummmm Guess he has to see if Monday really does mean back to school. I am a person that loves Monday. I like getting back in the routine and structure. I find it very frustrating that small child works hard to sabotage my good feelings for Monday. I did point out that I have lots to do today and this is my time to help him with school. When that time is done then he will be setting on the red stool watching me do my chores. Didn't seem to motivate him. His choice.

I do ask for prayers tomorrow as we get to meet the CPS worker that will be over the boys for the next 6 months. I dread having a CPS worker in our home. I think this is one of the hardest things about adoption. They have to check on the kids once a month. I know that is a good thing. It is just the whole CPS thing that is a pain. I guess it is my lack of trust. They have already changed the time they were coming out from 10 until 2. At least it isn't muddy so they can come out. Really 2 is a better time for us. Maybe kids will for the most part be done with school. Maybe small child will be through with his daily challenge to see if the rules apply today. They will. I just ask that this person not believe everything small child says. He tends to stretch and bend the truth, and then tattle on what ever he things would gain brownie points, true or not. Usually not! Last night he tattled on my DIL's brother. Small child had ask to play the keyboard. He doesn't get to do this without supervision. I was busy and said no. So a bit later DIL's brother was in there playing. He came and tattled. Didn't work out to well for him as he got to sit and watch me cook supper. Oh and DIL's brother is an adult!

Well now we are "sick". We are about to throw up. Hummm truth or fiction? Seemed to eat breakfast fine. I passed him a trash can. I wish I knew if he was sick or faking it. I have no problem if he really IS sick allowing him to rest, but sad to say I am going to have to see proof before I believe him. He isn't feverish. Now his "bones" hurt. No wait, his head hurts. No, he is tired. He "Haven't sleeped good last night." His words. "How's this working out for you?" His answer, "Bad." Now his stomach is "tired". Anyone want to guess is this child sick or avoiding school? I am totally at a loss as to which. Guess time will tell.

I can't decided if I want to make bread today or have the smell of bread tomorrow when CPS comes. We also need to do granola. I may wait until the end of the week for that as it is a nice way to keep the kitchen warm. I don't bake my granola I dry it in the oven. It takes longer is crisper and doesn't burn if not watched close. Besides it allows the smell of cinnamon to be throughout the house as it helps keep it warm.

I have balanced the milk supply some. I am not doing the back stroke in milk right now. I am letting one of the older cow's calves have all his mamas milk and not milking her. I slowly gain over the week but then share with friends once or twice a week.

LOL I just gave him the choice since he is "sick" or "tired" to go lay on the couch all day, no playing all day, sick people food all day. He wasn't game for that either. Sure makes me think he is faking it.

Time for me to get my day started since I don't need to sit here and help a small child. All have a blessed day!

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