Monday, January 11, 2010

A snap shot of an evening at our house...

Feeding time! Every one load up! Time? about 5:30 pm. Milk is on to warm for babies as we go feed the big stock.

If you look close you will see this goat isn't feeding a baby goat, but a lamb. This is her "baby" She has adopted it to the point we turned her loose.

My sheep waiting on a hand out! While we stop and check on my son's sheep and goats. I didn't get pictures of that part tonight.

Lambs of all colors!

Feed poured out!

Lambs! Well, all but one is a lamb! Some of my pretty sheep.

I took a lot of sunset pictures on the way home from feeding. Kids were glad my camera battery was dying I was driving around in the ranger for different shots while they hung on.
As you can see the colors were ever changing and beautiful!

Time to sort babies. They all want to eat. I don't even try to keep up with the count. We loose some/bring more in almost daily. It is ever changing.

Don't forget to feed the blind nanny. She has a form of pink eye, if you treat it in 21 days she will get better. If you put her in a dark area and keep feed and water where she can find it without treatment in 3 weeks she will be better. She has two kids in this pen also.

December and January bedding down for the night. I can't tell them apart, only mamas can!

Pretty rooster!

Feeding time! These are some of the "little" babies they always eat first.

Chicken anyone?

Some of the things missed in these pictures is some kids are sorting calves off cows, others are filling feed buckets with feed for cows, 10 gallons each evening and again of a morning for my milk cows. Yes, milk is expensive to make!
Others are gathering eggs and handing off babies as they are full into the right pen.
Once all the critters are cared for then we came in and made hamburgers and enjoyed a yummy meal. I had made hamburger buns earlier in the day. I have learned I have to plan ahead for night meals this time of year.
It was almost 7 pm by the time we got in the house. I did spend a little more time with the camera but you get the picture of our evenings.
Mornings are much the same. We do every thing all over again and milk 4 cows on top of other chores. We start that at 8 AM and usually make it back in by 9ish.
I am blessed to have my life but it IS busy!

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