Friday, January 15, 2010

Why we do what we do..........

Many people have ask why we adopted, why we KEEP adopting. There are no easy answers other than God has called us to it. Maybe this picture will explain it better than all the words in the world.

This is MJ, he is 13 now. First how many 13 yo boys would sit down beside a baby and just start rocking her? Once she was asleep as he got up he said something quietly under his breath that both made my mommy heart soar and broke it. He sorta looked back and said, "That was nice. Sometimes I wish I was being rocked like that."
This child came to us never knowing the love of a dad. He knew his bio as the person that tried to drown him in the toilet. He knew hunger and hate and anger from his bio dad. I see this young man becoming a dad, don't you. I see him seeking out not usually the tiny babies, but the one year olds to play with, not as a child but as he sees the "dads" in his life play with the littles.
Today as I went to get GS at the hwy. He made sure the car seat was buckled. I handed GS to him, he buckled him in and when we got home brought him in the house. I offered to take him but, I was told, "No, I like doing it."
This is why we do it! We are giving a child a chance to become something more than circumstances and cycles say they will be! We are showing them the love of a earthly father and mother and a Heavenly Father. We are doing what God said to do.
I know adoption isn't something everyone is called to do, but everyone can reach out to an adoptive family and support them. I am very blessed to have an awesome support system both IRL and on the net. Many families give up because they don't have the support. Their "friends" don't like the color or the behaviours of the children they adopt. Yes, I have had both of those implied to me. Even if you can do nothing but offer a coupon book of treats it might be the lift someone needs to stick it out while the going is tough.
Adoption IS life changing! It not only changes children's lives, but families lives and the world!

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

What a great post, Nola. God bless you and your family as continue to walk out the path He has called you to.