Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's news..........

Name changes! One of the things that many adoptive parents do is name them and claim them. I like the idea but so want the kids to have control. They have control over so few things. I have refused to force any of mine to change. All have wanted to. With these two they didn't want to. No problem. I just pray.

I have had two names floating around in my head for almost the whole time they have been here. I told my DIL, but not children. The other kids have ask them about name changes or not and how they changed theirs. B has sorta wanted a name change from the first. Most of his names were wrestlers or monster trucks or well you get the idea. TD has been totally apposed to it. That is fine too. Really I like B's name better than TD, but would love the child no matter what name. Yesterday, B made the decision he wanted a new name. Kids all really worked at names. Shooting down lots but came up with a list. He picked one to start and stayed with it. I was "resting" in the recliner as I listened to this. It was fun to be asleep and hear the conversation about names. B announced he wanted his new name to be D. I smiled to myself as it was one of the two names I wanted. He wanted to keep his middle name. So B will now be DL.

They then ask TD if he wanted to change his name. He said, " I want my name to be DD." I was amazed. These are the two names I had wanted. I couldn't decide what name fit what child. So they did it for me. They both kept their middle names. I didn't push it yesterday. I let them thing about it and this morning ask DL if he really wanted to change his name. He told me yes he wanted it to be DLJ! No prompting or anything. Then later I ask DD, he said the same thing. So we will do it with the names they (God) picked.

I had MN make name tags out of index cards for them to wear to help us all remember. As always kids are adjusting so fast. I laughed 2 yo grand son came in and walked up to DL and called him by his new name and just chattered away. Better than me! I keep having to be reminded.

Those that want to know what DD and DL stand for will have to email me. I will give hints. They are both in the Bible. I found it interesting that DL didn't know his name was until after he had picked it. I told him it was, but he had to go get his Bible to see if it was in HIS Bible too. He was excited to find it was in his.

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