Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We started out on a rabbit trail.  Homeschoolers are good at that.  Some one ask a simple question.   Then we are off to find the answer.  The question this time was who wrote, "He is Alive!".  In finding the answer I found an artist I LOVE.  The answer is, Don Francisco.  He has some awesome music.  It is powerful.   Some of my favorites are: Morning Prayer , I Don't Care Where You've Been , Walking Wounded  Just to name a few.  I then discovered his wife and like some of hers.  The one that I loved was, We Will Ride ,but for me I needed a box of tissue for it! 

That brings me to a question for anyone that reads.  What are some other artist that's music is along these lines?  I like old classic country, western, more or less "folk" music.  Music that has a message and music that is more "country" than loud.  :)  

May your day be filled with rabbit trails of music on you-tube that I started as you clicked on the above links.  Share what you like with me!  Maybe I will find some more music I love.  I just hope it is cheap on Amazon!  

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