Friday, November 12, 2010

Field Trip!

Today we went on a wonderful field trip.  It wasn't far from home either!  It is the Barrows Museum.

We went with some friends.   It was a lot of fun.  There were REAL train cars to climb on.

 And IN!!!

 A gentleman came while we were there showing his work.   He uses a wood burner to burn on cowhide amazing pictures.  
 Yes this IS cowhide!  

 He also does toothpick miniatures.   This is all done with toothpicks!  

 Then we went on with the "normal" part of the museum.   This is sand art.   The whole bottle isn't 3 inches tall!

 This jar was maybe 5 inches tall.

 They also had some nice longhorn cows to show the place off.  
This museum consist of a residence, and three HUGE barns of neatly organized stuff.  It is STUFF, not junk.   Lots of educational things for any age.   It would make a great field trip.  They have picnic tables so you could come an spend several hours looking.  It really isn't for tiny children as there is LOTS and LOTS of breakable stuff. 

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