Thursday, November 18, 2010

Inviting Military...

Yea!  Looks like that is going to happen this year!   We have tried before.   The problem has been that we need to pick-up and deliver it wouldn't work.   Dh and I were both up to our eyes in getting ready.  Ds has offered to be the taxi service.    So the count looks something like this:
9 for sure Yes
1+4 pretty sure.  We invited one he ask if could bring some friends he is ministering too.  
10-12 military
2 adult sons and families = 8
our house = 7
Lets see can I add that much?   I may have to take my shoes off!

Wow, close to 40!!!!   Maybe we won't have leftovers for a month, only a week with that many!  OK more like 2 weeks.

I do need to get more cornbread and biscuits made.   Maybe I will do that tomorrow.   Or DIL and I can both do.  She does good cornbread!  

I decided on my fruit salad bowl this year.  Normally I use a big blue bowl.   Make a circle with your arms joining hands and that is about how big the top of the bowl is.   We always run out of fruit salad first!   I have these really pretty plastic "tubs".  I bought them on clearance this summer.  I am guessing they are 2-3 gallon size.   I will use one of them, maybe both!  

I really can't see changing any of my other amounts.   I had decided to make more fruit salad before I found out about the military. 

I do have to get my dressing on much earlier.  I have issues with getting it done.   I may borrow my DIL's oven for some of the easier things like sweet potatoes or even rolls, provided I get around to making rolls. Half the time that doesn't happen.   There is so much other stuff no one misses them. 

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