Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Ready!

Excitement is starting to creep in here.  Kids can't seem to think of anything but next week.  I don't know if it is the lack of school are all the cooking that has them excited.   We decided to again try and invite some military personal this year.  I hope it works out.  We only have about 8-10 extras besides grown kids and their kids.  So a very small crowd if we don't do something.  

I think we will make party mix over the weekend.  Maybe Sat. afternoon/evening.  I really want to go to the flea market on Sat. Maybe after we get home I can toss it together.  It is more time consuming than work.   I make a HUGE roast pan full.  To stir it I dump it from one roaster to another.  When I say huge think free standing roaster to full to stir.  

I have my list of to do printed off for next week.   It really should go easy since so many willing hands know how to help.  Even DIL is going to be home to "help" this year.  

Tomorrow we go buy the last minute things.  Friday is produce.  I tried to make it simple by ordering things like a case of oranges, apples, bananas, pears, eggs .... but drew the line at a case of celery!  YUCK!  I will get turkeys on Friday when we get produce.  Little grocery store has them for .49 a lb.   That isn't great but will work.   I have learned that they seldom put the BIG turkeys out.  I will just tell someone in the meat dept. that I want the two largest turkeys they have stashed away.  I think we have one or two in the freezer.   We will bake one or two and fry one or two.   MMMM if you haven't ever had fried turkey you are missing something great!    Then get a honey glazed ham to have as a side.   Simple!  

On another note I am amazed at how my little girls are becoming young women.  This morning T made yummy banana muffins and watched grand son while I put hay out for stock.   Remember this isn't a mix. This is grinding the wheat, soaking the oats and so forth.   No mix for her.   She is now busy making bubbles for her and grandson to go play. 

MJ after a few days of lagging on school got his act together and caught his school up.  He was off again to work with his older brothers.    I have been assured he is making an awesome hand.   I think it is just older son doesn't have to trailer crawl when MJ is along.  I did notice his boots are about gone.  Oh the joy of working in poop!  it eats the soles of the shoes up or the sewing/glue.   If he isn't working tomorrow we will boot shop.  I am not looking fwd to that either!  He is HARD to buy for.

Last night we got a load of hay.  It looks to be awesome hay.  I thank God for it.   I was scheduled to unload it, but skid steerer tire was flat.  I am extremely grateful as this hay was double stacked and each bale weighed about 1200 lbs.   DH had to come home to fix the tire and unload it.  He would "flip" a bale off it would land with a thud RIGHT beside the skid steerer.  Not for the faint hearted!!!  Not for me!!!  I told both DH and DS I would have taught the driver a new way to unload if it had been left to me.  The put it in reverse and accelerate, then slam on the brakes.   Hey it would have gotten most of them off.  Then I could have handled the ones left! 

Guess it is time to get back to the real world and see what else I can accomplish. 

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