Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Ready!

DIL had green chilies to peel.  She has worked and worked on them.  She still hasn't even gotten them all peeled. 
 Then there were those crumbling bread for dressing.   As always I ended up with more bread and cornbread than I needed.  NO I am not making two pans!  One pan is plenty big!
 On to peeling sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving.  I baked them this morning and MN and grandson were working hard to get them peeled.   We did discover we didn't have marshmallows for that pan full.   I called DH and let him know if he wants them topped he needs to get some marshmallows.  I would guess I will have some. 
 All the hard work tuckered out this 3 yo.  He assured me as I was putting both boys down that he wasn't sleepy.  I agreed with him that was fine.  He didn't have to nap, just rest.   He was the first one asleep!  
I do think he ended up falling off the bed.  

Pies and tortilla roll ups tomorrow!  Anyone need a place to have Thanksgiving?   Give me a call!

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