Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Photos

Really just photos of the season. 
This happens to be one of my favorite pictures.   Why?  Because less than 6 years ago this young man who looks so much like a daddy in this picture was a shell of a little boy.  Now he is a baby toter. As you can see the grand kids LOVE him.  He just sit down there to visit and in a few minutes he had kids all over him.  H just visited and let them climb, like a good daddy. 
 I kept grand kids Wed. night.  Thursday morning this sweet grandson woke up at 4:30.   I finally just took him to the couch and we cuddled and rested.  After I needed to get my day he kept napping and soaking on the couch.  Doesn't he look like he is ready to start his day?
 I thought she looked so cute here I had to snap. 

 Fruit salad!   See the big red bowl?  We filled it with fruit of various kinds. 
 Every one got in the act!  If they weren't chopping they were begging!
 Getting snacks lined out.  We had a veggie/olive/pickle tray out here besides grandmothers dip and trash. 

 After all the eating Dad held down the rocking chair a while.  Seriously overeating happened around here yesterday.  Several were holding down chairs.  The ones that weren't were small and maybe working on sugar overloads.  
Eating has already started today around here.  We had leftovers for breakfast.   We will have leftovers for lunch, supper, mid-morning snack, mid-afternoon..... and any other time I hear "I'm hungry" until they are ate!

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