Friday, November 12, 2010


Just for Cowgrannie........
 She is going to be a drama queen!   This HORRIBLE face is because Granola cleared her throat or some other way of saying no without even using the word.  I may have shook my head even.   :) She has major meltdowns complete with real tears and lots of screams.  Yes, she was heading from the stool to the wheat bucket when I ruined the party.

We have some really sweet keeper kittens.   This chair reflects their temperament.  Any cat that can sleep in this house that comfortable much less three of them is pretty calm. 
 This is Mite, he is tiny, well he use to be tiny, now he is just small.  He is also sweet.  He is asleep in my hands. 
 I need to get a picture of his face.  It is quite unusually marked.  

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