Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random busyness

 Life has been busy around here. Lots of getting ready for Thanksgiving happening. Then you add two loads of hay that had to be unloaded then moved to where we wanted it.

If that wasn’t enough going on DIL and DD’s stripped a friends green chilies for him. He had covered them to get them through a couple of frost, but his words, “It’s time.” So they picked, and picked and picked. They brought home TWO produce crates worth of green chilies, ONE of red and 2 large bowls of assorted other peppers. Those all need roasting or drying or otherwise taken care of.

Today they spend a large part of the day roasting chilies. They have ONE crate roasted and ready to peel. Oh did I mention I bought a box of green chilies? I ordered them BEFORE they got the free ones. So we have those to roast also.

We made trash today and yesterday. I didn’t get any pictures. We did two batches. I wonder how much will be left for Thanksgiving if I allow them to eat all they want. Even granddaughter is into eating trash. We were laughing as it is sort of spicy. Yet she will eat it and eat it and eat it.

Produce order was HUGE.  Most people complain that their frig is over full the week before Thanksgiving, but for me to say it gives you an idea of just how full,  full is.

Other pictures are grand kids just being kids.  Don’t you love the “baby” in the stroller?   He pushed that kitty all over the house that day.   He did a really good job of not crashing him into things even.    He is really pretty careful, much more cautious than his cousin.  Then there is his younger GIRL cousin.  She is busy and seems to find herself stuck in lots of situations that the adults find humorous and that only adds to her frustration as we grab a camera instead of helping her out.  We do help her out, but not until she has been photographed.  

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