Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday of a crazy week...

This morning I will start keeping grandson 4 days a week. I am waiting of DIL to call to go get him. Girls came up with a solution. Just send his clothes for the week and we can deliver him Thur. afternoon. :) I don't think son and DIL will go for that, but I thought it was a cute solution from my girls.

This weekend is retreat!!!!! YEA!!!!! Anyone that is thinking about going please come! It will be a great weekend. My dd have been ask to help serve. They are excited. I have threatened them both. Told them both I expect them to be on best behaviours and HELP. I also told one she had to leave the sarcasm behind. It wasn't welcome. I think what they are going to do is have a little girl be a big girl's shadow helping that older girl serve. This will keep little girls from playing............maybe. We will have 4 big and 4 "little". Little being 9-12 years old. We did point out that one of the older girls didn't need to be shadowed by one of mine. That would be a recipe of the two talking and oh the sarcasm. Not a good mix for retreat work.

I used a new approach on Friday with B and school. It seemed to work, but Friday seems to be his best day so we will see today. Every time he grumbled or complained he was ask to go sit on the red stool for 10 minutes. I kept resetting the timer. Fits or more complaining or playing got the timer reset. He didn't like it, but he sure sucked it up and stopped complaining. He did his math MUCH faster. He usually does it right, but it is with lots of, "I need help! I don't know how. I don't know the answer." This is basic adding and subtraction. He makes a good grade on it but has to be motivated.

TD is I would say struggling but more like testing the wall of school not getting done. He is not happy. He missed playing all weekend. He is going to miss a lot more if he doesn't start applying himself. I really feel it is testing not lack of ability.

Fast FWD 2 1/2 hours. House is full of kids. I have one pouting. He lost his oatmeal for pouting when told not to lay on the table to eat. He can have it for lunch I have assured him. TD has now been told he will be rising at 5 until his school work is caught up. He even admitted today he can do it. He "wants to see" what will happen. He is seeing. I don't think he is happy. Like I assured him I am fine with what he is doing. Every child needs to find out what will happen when they don't do school. Not a problem! I have been through it with these other three, S, and of course my grown boys. That is experience times 6 :) I also point blank told him today I don't care if he does school or not. It is HIS choice. Just let me know which way he wanted to choose. He stared at me a bit. He has already figured out that choices like that usually the "bad" choice isn't as pleasant as it sounds. :) He decided he wanted to do school. Wise choice! I had three that assured him they had also been given that same choice. They didn't go into detail on what happened when they decided not to do school. Now MJ has shared about having to sit for a week for NOT doing school and chores. He might have been thinking about that.

I have a huge pile of stuff ready to take to retreat. I can't wait. We are going to have fun! I also have a LONG list of both retreat and town stuff.

This week includes town on Thursday. I may have to "SHOP" for some matching clothes for the girls to look like servers for the weekend. Everyone knows how exciting that is for me. Shoes are also already on the list for a couple of kids. MN is one of them. GRRRRR I pay for my raising when I shop for shoes for her. She is as hard to please and fit as I am in the other direction. My foot is wide, hers makes canoes look wide. Then on Friday we have produce. I will be getting produce for us, and for retreat. Not sure if I will have all the kids or what. That is subject to change as I figure out what my dh plans. He, and two older sons all get to baby sit this weekend. Yes, we are all laughing. I would suggest that sons bring their littles out here, but without girls dad might have some problems chasing two under 3 on top of 3 older boys and 1 older girl. He would manage. I'm not sure I would ever get to go to retreat.

Ok now it is almost 10:30. It is almost nap time for a little boy. For now he is playing happy though. He would like to figure out how to get from the living room over the "gate" or chair as the case might be. MN is doing dishes and he just knows he could be of assistance in the kitchen. B is setting for 15 minutes, AFTER he came in from outside where he decided to pitch his Monday morning fit. Then he will have the option of school or more sitting. Again his choice. Life isn't dull for sure.

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